God’s Grace is Sufficient

2 Corinthians 12:9 ” And he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

We are in our weakest state when we are harboring unforgiveness in our hearts. Nobody has said to forgive would be easy, but as we allow it to burn inside of us, we become weaker and weaker spiritually. When you have a spouse cheat on you it’s not an easy pill to swallow, when that friend stabs you in the back, when that coworker talks behind your back, those are things we have a hard time forgiving. Some how on our own we can’t find it in our heart to forgive. But in our weakest state, God is made strong in our life. If we will open ourselves up to the truth and allow it to make us free, Christ will tell you today my grace is sufficient for thee. That means he has more than enough grace (God’s favor, blessings and kindness) for your life. Their isn’t a situation that we can get ourselves in that God can’t deliver us from. His grace is sufficient. Some of you may remember Peter denied Christ three times. When the rooster cried out Peter sold out! But after Peter came back, Jesus didn’t hold him at arm’s length, He didn’t tell Peter he was never going to trust him again, He forgave Him and made him a mighty preacher in the book of acts. If somebody would have done that to us, left us high and dry when we needed him the most, we would have marked them off our list and not ever given them a second chance. But God’s a God of second chances. He is a forgiving God and we must be forgiving people. It is so important as we show the love of Christ through us that we give those who hurt us, those who offend us, those who trespass against us, not only forgiveness but a second chance. In the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32, the prodigals Father didn’t stop his son at the gate and say that’s far enough, but opened his arms wide for him to come back home. Listen today there are people seeking restoration, looking for forgiveness, from you and today must be the day it happens. Don’t go another day with bitterness in your life, it’s time we restore those broken relationships, it’s time we be like Christ and follow the truth. Because it’s the truth that will make you free. We are in bondage, a slave to unforgiveness, unless we forgive. Let me share with you a story a preacher friend shared with me. One wintery evening a man in his church suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. He asked the nurse to call his daughter as he explained to the nurse that he lived alone and she is the only family he has. The nurse went to call the daughter. And when the daughter heard the nurse she was quite upset and shouted, You must not let him die! You see, Dad and I had a terrible argument almost a year ago and I haven’t seen him since. All these months, I’ve wanted to go to him for forgiveness. The last thing I said to him was I hate you. The daughter cried and then said. I’m coming now I’ll be there in thirty minutes. Sometime within that thirty minutes the patient went into cardiac arrest and code 99 was alerted. The nurse prayed, O God his daughter is coming don’t let it end this way. The efforts of the medical team to revive the patient was to no avail. The nurse observed one of the doctors talking to the daughter outside the room. She could see the hurt on her face. The nurse took the daughter aside and said I’m sorry when the daughter responded, I never hated him, you know, I loved him and now I want to go see him. The nurse took her in the room and the daughter went to the bed and buried her face in the sheets as she said good-bye to her deceased father. The nurse, as she tried not to look at this sad good-bye, noticed a scrap of paper on the bed table. She picked it up and read. “My dearest Janie, I forgive you, I pray you will also forgive me. I know that you loved me. I love you too.   Daddy.”        I urge you not to wait until it’s to late.


There is no wrong time to do the right thing    Charles M. Blow



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