Obtaining Mercy

Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy”

In a world of self-seeking people, Jesus calls upon those who wish to gain mercy to be merciful. That’s a quality entirely concerned with the good of others. It comes from the realization of our own desperate need for mercy from God. To be merciful is a strong compassion or an outward manifestation of pity. Thus that tells us Christ calls us to have compassion and pity toward one another. We see Christ example of this as He says Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. We see through scripture Mercy is a part of God’s nature 2 Corinthians 1:3 ” Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all Comfort.” For us mercy is not just a feeling, but a characteristic that moves a person to action. Mercy demands that Christians do more than just pray for the lost, but that we take the gospel to them. (Matthew 9:36-38).  That we do more than feel sorry for the hungry, sick and downtrodden, but that we must try and meet their needs. (Galatians 6:10; James 2: 14-16). This beatitude is the cure for all bitterness, whether in your family your friends or whoever has done you wrong. For Christ says we must show mercy on all people if we want to obtain mercy, Many families have been broken apart because of bitterness but let this verse speak to you today, be merciful upon them and some one we be merciful towards you. The first few beatitudes dealt with how you are before God but starting with this one they begin to deal with how we are before our brothers and sisters and to those around us. He did speak of our inner attitude but now He speaks of the inner attitudes that manifest themselves outwardly. The world’s philosophy is that mercy is the weakness of the soul. The world emphasizes Rights! Its my right to do this, to do that. We want the right to do anything we want. But Christ teaches it is not about your right it is about there right.  In Romans chapter 1:29-31  we read a description of the city of Rome and those that lived within Rome. They described many things but we see the very last thing was unmerciful people. If you as a believer do not show mercy towards the physically and financially needful have we really received God’s mercy in our own lives. For you can’t receive it without displaying it in your life. Finally Matthew 18:21-35 tells us of the Parable of the unforgiving servant. In this, one owed the other an equivalent of $20 million dollars in today’s terms. His master came and he wiped the slate clean because he asked him for forgiveness and as soon as he went out of jail he found his friend that owed him the equivalent of $5000 dollars and he was unmerciful. The love of God was not there. He demanded his money. This is dangerous. This is what destroys us as Christians as we have seen  before through this study. We too were poor at one time, we were broken at one time, that we were empty at one time and relied on God to help us. And shame on us if we see the pitifulness of all humanity and don’t show mercy on them as Christ did us. If we do not have the desire within ourselves to have mercy upon a dying world, a poor world, if we don’t have it in our hearts to forgive one another and show mercy we are in a dangerous place spiritually! Blessed are the merciful. That is what Christ did for us when He became a man like you and I, so He could identify with you and I when we need Him and pour out His mercy into our lives. Now He is telling us to do the same in the world we live in. Can you be a merciful servant for Jesus Christ?

We hand folks over to God’s mercy and show none ourselves.    George Eliot



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